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BZ Close Coupled Self Priming Water Pump
  • BZ self-priming pump is a new model of energy-saving pump. It has a simple structure, stable function and the feature of less noise. It uses ceramic-ring as the mechanic seal, so this pump is of the features of corrosion resistant, alkaline resistant, high temperature resistant and nontoxic.  
       This pump has a small size, but it has large flow rate and higher pump head. And it is easy and safe to install, maintain and run. It can be used in various industrial fields, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, dyes and food industries. Also it can be used for water supply and drainage in mining industries, fire-fighting systems and buildings. After equipped with a nozzle it can be used as a sprayer in farms and orchards.

  • >>>Working Conditions
    1. Flow range: 3.2~550 m³/h
    2. Head range: 12~50 m
    3. Medium temperature: ≤80ºC

    >>> Model Meaning

    50: Inlet Diameter
    BZ: Self-priming Pump
    25: Head

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